Business Services

Entity Formation

There can be significant legal and tax ramifications to the type of entity you choose for your business. As a tax and business lawyer, Jenny can help you understand your choices and their implications. In addition to handling the necessary filings to form the entity, Jenny can prepare the necessary organizational documents and agreements for your new business.


As a business grows or needs change, it may be appropriate to change corporate or capital structure and or enter into business combinations. Jenny has worked on many business reorganization transactions and can advice on structuring options and tax implications as well as drafting the necessary documentation.

Asset and Business Sales

There are many ways to structure the sale of a business. Jenny can help you navigate the legal and tax ramifications of the different options available to you and can assist in the drafting and review of purchase and sale agreements and related contracts.

Succession Planning

Your business may be your most valuable asset and decisions related to an owner’s exit and how the business is to be continued are important, with significant legal and tax ramifications. Jenny can help you discuss these decisions at inception or at a later stage and to devise a practical and tax-efficient strategy for your transition.


There are a variety of ways to structure compensation of key personnel, each with different tax and legal implications. Jenny will help you sift through the different options and implement a plan that works for you and your business.

Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation

Jenny can draft contractual language for your business dealings and review and negotiate contracts before you sign to ensure you are protected.