Specializing in International, Tax and Business Law

Jenny Coates Law, PLLC is a boutique tax and business law practice with offices in Seattle and Bainbridge Island, Washington.  Jenny practices extensively in the international tax arena, helping clients navigate uniquely challenging tax rules applicable to cross-border situations.  A significant part of her practice also involves helping clients with domestic tax and business planning, deal structuring, entity formation and contract drafting.   Taxes are a key element of many important business and personal decisions, and Jenny guides clients to efficient tax and effective business solutions.   To Jenny, each situation is a unique puzzle, not a problem, and she looks forward to finding the best resolution to your situation.   

Recurring feedback Jenny receives is both surprise and appreciation for her quick response to phone and email messages.   After many years in large law firms, Jenny wanted to practice law on a very personal and immediate level.   She enjoys the relationship as well as analyzing and applying the law to a client’s situation.  

Jenny Coates - 
International, Tax and Business Law Attorney
Jenny Coates – International, Tax and Business Law Attorney

Areas of Practice

Domestic Tax

Jenny advises clients on a variety of U.S. federal income tax issues including personal tax issues, property sales, business sales and tax planning for business formations and reorganizations.  (More)

International Tax

The U.S. tax provisions applicable to cross-border transactions and situations are among the most complex in the Internal Revenue Code and can be a minefield for the uninformed.

Small Business

Jenny works closely with small business owners and entrepreneurs on everything from deciding which type of entity is most appropriate  to planning for sale of the business, exit strategies and succession planning.  (More)